Wow, we're almost done the first month of the 2011.

I have been so busy in the studio and doing magic in Ottawa that I have not been able to update on some of the technology I've been loving recently.

Some of you may know (If you've been reading older posts) that I recently purchased my first analog hardware synth. I decided to pick up a used Dave Smith Instruments Mopho for a number of reasons. Aside from being a cheap synth it is of very high quality. I just love dirty Moog sounds that can be filtered into almost silence and brought back into a shrieking cacophony of noise.

DSI Mopho - Damaged Program Knob Close Up

The first and main advantage to the Mopho; total Analog signal path.
If you're going to get an analog synth it might as well sound good. I don't want a Korg Monotron which is hard to control and sounds very low fidelity. These DSI machines have very accurate and rich sound synthesis modules. They also have a great "slop" feature which lets you control how much pitch drift you want to incorporate into the oscillators.

The second reason was that I did not want an extra keyboard.
I already had an M-Audio Axiom 25. I did not need the Mopho keyboard edition (although it sure looks sweet . . )The Axiom works great with the Mopho, and I even can control the settings on the Mopho using a program thats over at the DSI site. I might want to get a few more keys in the near future but the Axiom has lasted me almost 4 years now and its still functioning great.