By Alex Massaad

A few months back I made a quick studio video showing the spaace where I record music, you can check outthe tour of the lab but I have something new to show you.

The video of the lab was shot back in April. Since that point I have made a few upgrades, and room changes.
[caption id="attachment_787" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="New Studio Set Up"]photograph of KRK Rokit8 speakers and KRK10s sub, with macbook pro and computer equipment[/caption]
In this setup I'm using KRK Rokit8's with an ERGO for room geometry correction. My main system is a Macbook Pro with an HD external monitor. Also hanging on the walls are home-made Ready Acoustics bass traps. (4 inch fibreglass sound absorbing material on the mirror points & room corners)

For software I'm mostly using Ableton Live and Logic. The only real hardware that I have is a DSI Mopho and a (hidden) m-audio controller.