I wish that this were up online to listen to, but so far I can only find this YouTube version of The Rabbit.

I have heard great things about the Miike Snow live show, unfortunately I missed it the last time they were near my area. In the mean time I can listen to this new single "The Rabbit." I remember somebody saying that it was much more interesting to watch them perform their music because of the way they were interacting with their gear. Unfortunately I can't say much more than this, other than I'm glad that artists and DJ's are remembering their audience while they are up there wrangling a tonne of complicated gear (or wrangling a tonne of beer!)

The only downside is that its hard for me to play this within my regular rotation of music, since I can't buy it yet, I guess I'll have to find a download on zippyshare or rapidshare, or one of those sharing sites.