I am reading the biography of one of music's greatest producers, Rick Rubin.

As someone with an active interest in music production this is a fascinating read because it really exposes the way he interacts with bands and what his process is. From the section on Metallica:
"We needed to make a change, and we made a change. We kind of let Rick steer the ship; me and James especially tried to hang back and let Rick make all the big picture decisions. Rick is very different from Bob (Rock). He has a very different way of doing things. Rick is not a musician; he's not a 'technical' guy. He's the kind of guy who hangs out on the couch and listens to songs with his eyes closed and says, "Why don't we try this or that?" It's a very different kind of thing."

Almost done the book, I'm very excited to learn about this influential music producer.