Great single off of Black Light, the new album this year.

The Groove Armada process is rote by this point. Andy Cato and Tom Findlay act as ringleaders, bringing in their newest coterie of vocalists, then putting them through their paces as they dance across genres and styles. When Cato said in January that MGMT served as a major inspiration for Black Light, it might have been tempting to think that perhaps he had misspoken. After all, Groove Armada has been around for more than a decade, delivering big-beat essentials over that period, from "I See You Baby" to "Song 4 Mutya," and there seemed to be very little overlap with the neo-psychedelia purveyed by the Wesleyan Brooklynites. On the other hand, Groove Armada has been willing to adapt and change its sound to a fault, so the idea of a more psychedelic groove wouldn't have been completely impossible to imagine.

Groove Armada - Paper Romance from Stamp Films on Vimeo.