Robert Henke

When we started working on Live, and finally showed a first Version in 2001, the big music software companies did not take us very serious. "A laptop on stage? You must be crazy!" or "This interface looks horrible!" were reactions we got often. However, we are now the most successful music software company out there, with an incredible number of customers all over the world, and our software massively changed the way electronic music is created and performed.

It became very easy to make music. And this is bad. Everyone can make a boring uninspired piece of music in a lunch break, and it will sound good and 'professional'. It became really very, very easy to make music with our software. And this is great! Because it not only allows highly musical people with limited budget to create fantastic and complex music, it also allows those folks like me to dive deeper into the creation and exploration of music, sound and structure than ever before. I never spent less time thinking of technology and more time making music with it. Well, apart from my engagement with the company.

. . . part of Music Mondays