Henry Jenkins talks about how "Transmedia" is changing the way we interact with media.

By Alex Massaad

The old media system is dying and a new system is being born. The major shift has been from spectatorial media where we participate one way, and participatory media where we can all collaborate and contribute.

This puts culture back in the hands of the average citizen. They can tell their own stories.

Historically important culture has been passed down orally. In the last couple hundred years important stories started to become owned by companies, limiting their free propagation. Now in the digital domain, we are rebalancing the "copyright" and innovating, recontextualizing and responding to the culture that is supposedly "owned" by companies.

Convergence culture means that every image, story etc, plays out over the web, cell phones, and all technologies through all topographies. And the result is a culture more complex than any individual could construct on their own.

The example that Jenkins uses is Obama's presidential campaign. This had social media links which allowed official and participatory media to be uploaded on youtube and seen by everyone giving a way to new perspectives.

Henry Jenkins on Transmedia - November 2008 from niko on Vimeo.