Cool Ableton Live triggering system!

This is a quick demo of the Fiducial Midi Controller, a tangible controller built using ReacTIVision software with OSCulator to send midi signals to Ableton Live.

via gabeshaughnessy:

My DJ skills need some work, but you get the idea. One thing you can’t see in this video is the cards are color coded. They match the Ableton Tracks.

My ableton live mapping is not very sophisticated. Each clip has a card that triggers it, and you can rotate each card too, effecting something different on each track. The drum track, for example, changes the note duration, or time, when you rotate the card. On the bass track, rotating the card changes the vibrato, and for the bleepy melody, rotating the ard changes the auto-pan rate.

I’m using the free, open-source fudicial library called ReacTIVision. The folks who thought up the Reactor Synthesizer released ReacTIVision.

I’m using OSCulator to route the OSC signals from reacTIVision to Live as MIDI notes and CC values. I’ve also been messing with Quartz Composer patches using the OSC TUIO patch from Kineme (