One of my favorite things about BBC radio 1 is that they seem to have taken the artist approach to media. In North America i would describe the approach as advertiser-based. A radio DJ in Canada is nothing more than a vocal-billboard announcing the media but having little say in the content itself.

BBC has renowned DJ's at the helms every night. They genuinely are masters of their genres, and these DJ's pick tracks that rock! I'ts important to point out that I feel that advertising has a genuine value in our society. It can be mixed with media in in a (mostly) harmless way. What I object to is the play listing, track selection and general format of our radio. BBC has blessed me with a second love of radio and dance music.

Digital music was meant to be listened to uninterrupted and it seems it has taken the internet age almost a decade to display its most aesthetic listening format. Napster started in the summer of 1999 and this service unequivocally sparked the mp3 sensation worldwide.

So here is to BBC Radio 1 and all they have done for my music appreciation!

[caption id="attachment_75" align="alignnone" width="425" caption="Pete Tong is playing the music he wants to hear in the club"]Pete Tong playing Live in the club[/caption]