Politics will always prevail in conflicts . . . even at planet LOVE. You would think that with a name like "Planet Love" this party would be the perfect scene for some collaboration, but there was no good will to be seen.

According to the myspace and Twitter account of trance DJ ATB, Paul Van Dyk told the organizers that he would refuse to play if ATB was on stage before him. My best guess is that Paul Van Dyk was afraid of too much similar music being played. It seems petty that anybody that considers themselves a professional would pull this sort of childish bullshit in the middle of a large event.

I feel bad for the fans . . .

"You won't believe what you will read now. I'm just back in my hotelroom (05.09.2009, 10:30 PM), but actually I should be on stage at the Planet Love Festival in Belfast now.

The reality is, that the organizers just told me and my manager one our ago at the festival, that Paul van Dyk told them, that when I play (my contracted playtime was 10-12 PM) my set right before his set 12-2 AM, he will not play! So the organizers decided to throw me out of the lineup!
I just want to let you know, how people in this scene and business works and of course this will have consequences to all concerned parties!
I'm so sorry for all the fans out there, who wasn't able to see me.