In four weeks Ottawa clubs are getting a revolutionary change; deadmau5 returns!

Often found in the creative lab known as the ‘deadmau5 disco den of despair and inequity’ this creative genius is comparable to no other. For the last two years his releases have steadily GROWN from the first time I heard him featured by Tiesto.

deadmau5's magnificent stylings have a captured an audience that moves with him and his sounds. Ranging from electro to progressive one thing has become synonymous with deadmau5; consistent quality.

Currently working with the group 24twentyfour, the future is powered by the sounds of deadmau5. Now with his own label 'Xfer records' and 'mau5trap' the house of mau5 is a powerful force on the dancefloors of the globe.

It has been over a year and a half since this Canadian has graced the clubs of Ottawa with his presence. One of the best things about his live show is that he performs part of it in his mouse head! (I previously saw him at Stereo over a year ago in Montreal) He also is able to perform it as a "concert" through the use of Ableton Live. Check out an article I wrote earlier this week on how Depeche Mode uses Ableton Live.

On September 23, 2009 I hope to be in the crowds, with my camera phone, and ipod, blogging and taking pictures to post up here as soon as I'm within wifi range of home! For any locals feel free to use the link below to purchase tickets for this show.