Very exciting to see the techniques and tools that this techno/house master is using.

"I was jamming today with one of the elements of the live show i'm working on at the moment - This is a very smooth and groovy part of the live, track is called "Labyrinthe".
For the nerds ;-) I'm using here Ableton Live 8 as the sequencer, an Akai APC40 (on the left hand side) that i'm using to launch clips/loops and also effect from Live. Also using a UC33 as the main midi controller for synths and FX (on this video especially), but also to trigger like hell some drums elements i programmed for other parts of the live (not in that video) - And finally a DX2 from Faderfox to control even more FX such as beatrepeat-EQ and secret plug ins ;)
Again this is only a VERY little part of what you can expect form the live !
Enjoy the music and see you on stage in 2010 with a whole Live set full of new bombs and oldies, with nice visul production around it as well ! :-)"