A quote from the newspaper:

When I was 26, a friend told me a theory about life, and it was this: There is something that happens in your late 20s; your world is thrown into chaos; you make choices you have never had to make before; you are directly in the path of a storm. And somehow, you are spat out when you turn 30 – stronger, calmer and sure of yourself for having gone through it.
Everyone’s storm is different, she said: Some burn out at work, some leave their early marriages, others fly halfway across the world and risk it all. But no matter what, lives change and start again. “Believe me, it’s inevitable,” she assured me.
But the more I asked people about it, the more I began to believe the storm wasn’t an event that sought anyone out – it was mental, I decided, an internal battle between past, present and future, simply the moment in everyone’s life when we slow down and ask ourselves two critical questions: “How the hell did I get here?” and “What am I going to do now?”